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One of the funnest aspects of planning your wedding is selecting the perfect cake for your dream wedding. What possibly could be better than sampling slice after slice of that fluffy moist delicious dessert? Not every stage is as exciting or straightforward as the cake selection, but every stage is vital, so you will want to be thorough and organized in your search for the right baker. The good news is that Orlando offers a plethora of great bakeries, one of these shops will surely be able to deliver a cake that will have your sweet tooth asking, nay, demanding more! Here are some useful tips:

First, you will want to decide on you the style you want for your cake. It is wise to have your venue and florist booked at this stage as it will make things easier on you. With a venue booked, the size of your cake can be accurately determined in relation to the size of the venue. For example, you do not want your cake to be so tall that it leers ominously over you and your guests. In other words, your cake should not be the Tower of Sauron's Eye to your wedding guest's Fellowship of the Ring. On the other hand, you do not want your cake to be so small that your wedding guests ask if Rick Moranis shrunk it during some zany experiment. If you are unfamiliar with cake styles, search them up in Google, and save any pictures that strike your fancy. Familiarize yourself with frosting and topping types, the most common are fondant and buttercream.

Start searching for bakeries by asking friends and family for recommendations. You will want to focus on bakeries that specialize in weddings, but there is nothing wrong with using your local mom and pop shop as long as you are resigned in the fact that they are most likely incapable of handling the nuances of wedding demands. You should also search Google and any online wedding directories. Scour through their direct web sites, and also read any reviews or bridal testimonials that are available. Visit our other brach at Wedding Cakes Detroit MI

A handful of bakeries should stick out to you, call them up and schedule an interview with them. During your interview, you will want to share your ideas, pictures, and if you have wedding board on Pinterest, share the URL with them. These in-person interviews allow you to get a feel for their shop, and how much your baker values presentation and organization. Their shop should not resemble the county rubbish dump. If something does not mesh with you about the baker or the shop, do not consider them a candidate no matter how accredited they are. You will want to get the personal contact information of the baker as it is important to become personally acquainted with them. Be sure to sample plenty of different cakes, and ask the baker plenty of questions regarding logistics. Share with them your venue information and the coordinator's contact information. Give them the contact information of your florist, too.

The last thing you will want to do before you make your final decision is inquire about the cost of the cake and the packages they may offer. Cakes are priced generally from $4 and $10 a slice, depending on the ingredients and the weight of the cake. With most bakeries, you will need to make a deposit to get the ball rolling. If you have gone over every nuanced detail and are ready to make your decision, write up a contract with the bakery outlying ever single thing, and have both of you sign. Once you're all signed up, it is onto the next thing to plan for your wedding! But don't get so caught up that you forget to eat your own cake on your wedding night!

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