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Food and drink, they are the two things that we all need to live. And they are the two things that will make your wedding reception memorable or forgettable. In the context of all of your wedding plans, finding the caterer who will wow your guests is an incredibly important decision. The decision you are about to make will consume the largest portion of your wedding budget so treat it accordingly. When you consider any potential caterer in the Orlando area, you will want to be sure and communicate clearly what your vision is and see how they are able to work within that vision to create something you and your guests will be more than satisfied with. We have provided you with the key questions that you will want to ask in order to help you decide who that perfect caterer is for your wedding needs.

Try to find out about a few potential caterers by asking people you know and trust. Your family, friends, and coworkers might have had some recent wedding experience where the food and drink were absolutely amazing. If so, try and find out who the caterer was. You can also look online for local caterers who have received amazing reviews. Once you have a few contacts that provide you with a starting point, contact them and find out of they have your wedding date available. If they do, see if they are willing to meet you in person soon in order to talk about your wedding reception needs.

When you meet, be sure and talk about their background and experience. If they have not done numerous weddings in the past, move onto your next candidate. Your reception is not the place to break in a newbie. You want to make sure that they know what they are doing and that they know the ropes. Ask them about a particular wedding that presented major challenges and how they overcame those challenges. Have they ever worked any weddings at your chosen venue? This can be a great advantage to you because they will have already figured out all of the nuances of setting up at your particular venue. You also want to get the obligatory questions out of the way. Things like, are you licensed? Do you have a health permit? Do you have liability insurance? Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

Will they provide a coordinator on the day of your wedding to make sure that all goes smoothly? You will want to insist on this. What is their specialty in terms of food? After you have given them your guest count and your budget, ask them what food choices they would recommend. Are all of their ingredients fresh or do they use any frozen items? Here is another key question: will the food be prepared on-site or off-site? In terms of drinks, do they bring the alcohol and the bartenders? Or would it be more economical for you to provide the alcohol? What non-alcoholic drinks will be served? Obviously, these questions only scrape the surface when it comes to the information that you need to share, but this should provide you with enough information in order to make an informed hire. Once you hire the caterer you feel comfortable with, the rest can be figured out on a need to know basis.

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