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One of the central pillars of any great wedding is entertainment for the reception, it is why most wedding planners hunt down the right performer(s) right after reserving the venue. Generally, couples will have their choice between a live band or a disc-jockey for the reception. Some couples choose to go with a live band as they can produce an atmosphere that a DJ may struggle to reproduce, but live bands also cost considerably more and are generally more of a hassle to coordinate around. This is where a DJ comes in nicely. A good professional DJ will be able to create a very good atmosphere, control the crowd, and produce an experience that will be great and unforgettable for many moons. There should be no problem finding that exact DJ in the great city of Orlando, as long as you do your due diligence, you and your guests will be hustling to do the Cupid Shuffle the night of your reception. Here are some tips to get you on your way to the best candidate.

A good place to start your search off is with the recommendations of your trusted friends and family. Go through online wedding directories. Search through through websites thoroughly, and read any reviews or bridal testimonials that are available. We suggest that you focus on DJ's that describe themselves as professional wedding disc-jockeys. It is not impermissible to book a DJ that is experienced in another field other than weddings, but they ought to come with experience, that is the key. An inexperienced DJ most likely will not be able to handle all the demands of a wedding. There is more to being a successful wedding DJ than simply pressing play on Traktor Scratch Pro or Virtual DJ and shouting incessantly at people to get on the dance floor. Now that you have a handful of candidates in mind, you will want to start scheduling in-person interviews with them. You will want to come equipped with plenty of questions.

The first question you should ask the candidate is how much experience do they have, and how diverse is their experience? We have already stressed how important experience is in regards to your disc-jockey. The guests are your wedding will surely be a diverse group. Only an experienced DJ will be able to handle any issues that may arise. Experience almost always guarantees consistent quality.

Is the candidate familiar with the venue? It is incredibly advantageous if the DJ has worked the location beforehand. The candidate is already aware of any technical or equipment issues they will need to adapt to, and will have solutions already in place. In the scenario that your candidate does have experience at this venue, they may already have an established relationship with the staff. It's not the end of the world if the candidate is not familiar with the venue. It will be the end of their candidacy if they are uncooperative or stubborn when you ask them if they would be willing to scope the venue out before your wedding.

What sort of condition is their equipment in? It goes without saying that their equipment should be in working order, and should not blow fuses, cause an outage, or worse, property damage! The potential disc-jockey should come with a sufficient depth of knowledge on their equipment and any technical issues that may come with them.

What is the DJ's microphone style? In other words, how does he handle the crowd? Does the candidate accept song requests? How much control over the playlist do they allow you? There is little point in hiring a DJ that is stiff in any regard, unless they are, perhaps, David Guetta. It is not particularly physically or mentally intensive work to search up a song for someone requesting it, and correlate it back to your “Do Not Play” list in order to make sure it clears your restrictions. Your disc-jockey should not be irritating to your guests whatsoever. Some disc-jockeys believe that being an emcee at a wedding is synonymous to the job of a ring announcer for a boxing match.

The last thing you will want to cover with your candidate is their cost. Ask about any packages or deals they are offering. You will want to get all the terms of their labor on paper so there are no surprises should you choose to hire the candidate. If you're confident you've found the right one, sign a contract with them, and place a deposit for their services. Don't worry, your DJ will have your back in regards to entertainment the night of your wedding. Now onto the next stage of the wedding planning process! Visit Wedding DJs in Detroit for midwest options.

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