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Plenty of factors could potentially make or break your wedding, but one that truly defines your wedding is the entertainment. A traditional wedding reception will feature either a live band or a disc-jockey to provide entertainment for the night, but if you are able to afford something like Cirque du Soleil there is no rule against such a grand form of entertainment. Generally, couples will hire a disc-jockey as they are far cheaper than most live bands, and far less of a hassle to coordinate. Perhaps a DJ is not what you need for the wedding you have envisioned. If there is a specific sort of atmosphere you would like to produce for your wedding, then a live band surely is what you will be looking for. While a live band will certainly cost more than a DJ, a bandleader can handle all the duties a DJ does such as announcements and other emcee duties. Don't fret, Orlando has a plethora of professional wedding bands to offer you on your big day. As long as you work hard in your research and follow our tips, you will have no issue finding the band that is right for you!

We advise you to have your venue booked or reserved, and have a theme in mind, too. We suggest you stick with professional bands that book most of their work with weddings, although there is no rule against choosing a band with different experience, make sure they are familiar with the way weddings proceed. You should hire a band that carries itself with professionalism and has plenty of experience in general. When booking music for your wedding, it is not as simple as what you wish to hear on the day. The best hosts put their guests high on their list of priorities, so make sure you hire a band that your guests will be comfortable with.

You will want to gather recommendations from your family, friends, and most trusted colleagues. Also, ask the venue coordinator for their referrals, too, because they may have a rapport with a great band. Some venues may not permit certain vendors for various reasons, so make sure you have that knowledge prior to your search for entertainment. Search through online wedding directories and/or Google. Be thorough, read through reviews and bridal testimonials, and watch any videos that are available. Go to their websites, and copy their contact information, as well as any general relevant information. The band should come highly rated and should tout their experience on their website. They should be dedicated to satisfying their customers, or they would not be in the business!

Now that you have about five bands you are interested in potentially hiring for your wedding, go ahead and set up an interview with them. Make sure you have an interview with the band, or at least the bandleader, and not just the booking agent! Booking agents are useless other than selling the band to customers, and generally, booking! They will not be useful in corresponding between you and the band, especially in regards to setting up the day of your wedding. Get the bandleader's personal information, and become acquainted with them. If any party is uncooperative with you, hit the stop button, and skip to the next candidate.

Some questions you will want to ask the bandleader will regard the band's equipment and their ability to adapt it if necessary, playing time and breaks, emergency or backup plans, and of course, crowd control and play list control. Once you get past the interview stage, inquire about the costs and demands. Some bands have different demands, such as being fed or separate break rooms. Compare the costs between bands, but really the best one should really stick out to you. Get all the details worked into a written contract to be signed by you, the band, and the company if applicable. Place a deposit, and pay the rest of the balance due on the day of the wedding during one of their breaks. If all the precious details are handled with diligence, you will be boogieing the night away with your new spouse!

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