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You don't need to look into a crystal ball in order to see how much work is ahead in planning your entire wedding. And considering the fact that you probably have never planned a wedding before, that further puts you behind the eight ball. The best suggestion that we can make is that you hire a wedding planner to make the process not only easier on you, but much more enjoyable. This is supposed to be the happiest occasion in your life and you don't need a high stress level to ruin it. A talented planner will keep your wedding organized and on schedule. They can help you find all of your vendors and take care if the nitty gritty details that can become overwhelming very quickly. Keep in mind that the best wedding planners, some of whom are in the Orlando area, get booked quickly. So, get on the case now and take this brief guide with you when you go to interview prospective wedding planners. It should help you find the best candidate for you.

One of the first things you will want to ask any potential wedding planner is how they intend to communicate with you. Keep in mind that you will need to keep in close contact for several months so you need to decide on what way works for you. The three main ways of contact are e-mail, phone, or meetings. This is really up to your personality. If you really like the more personal contact, you may prefer meetings, but on the other hand, e-mail might be just fine. Along with how, talk about frequency. Do you prefer weekly updates or do you mind if your planner tried to understand what you want as much as possible and handles everything they can without consulting you? If you are the type of person that likes to check up on the progress whenever you feel like it, you will want to discuss with each candidate if this is possible or not.

Once you have determined that you can afford them, talk to them about what types of services they can provide. Do they offer full-service planning for the entire wedding, coordination for the day, or can you pick and choose various elements from their menu of services? If you know that there are certain aspects of your wedding that you absolutely want to handle, this would be a great time to discuss that with the potential planner. Ask them if they do both design and coordination or if they specialize in one or the other. This is something you will have to decide in terms of what is more importan6t to you and which you need more. If you need a lot of contact with your planner, you will want to make sure it is an option and that they work full-time.

You will want to take a look at their comprehensive wedding packages. Make sure you understand what each one includes. Also, how much experience do they have? This is such a specialized business, that we recommend that you only consider someone with quite a bit of wedding experience. Ask them for testimonials and call a few of their references to get a first hand account of how they operate. Do they share your vision? If they don't seem to be getting what your dream is or they quickly go past your ideas without even considering them, move onto the next candidate.

What about your budget? A really good wedding planner should be able to keep you close to your number. A great wedding planner may be able to get you enough discounts to actually pay for their own services. If they can't commit to your budget, move on. Find out if they charge a flat fee, hourly rate, or a percentage of your total wedding costs. The most important thing that you will want to do is get all of the services they will provide in writing along with any potential extra charges. Take all of this information home and analyze each candidate that you talked to. One candidate should pop out at you as your best choice. This will be one of the best hires you make for your wedding.

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