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Congratulations on your engagement, now it's time to plan your wedding! It's an exciting time for just about everyone. It's not as simple as saying “I Do”, but as long as you do your due diligence, you should have no issues stopping you from having a really awesome wedding. The first thing you will want to establish first after, of course, the date of the wedding itself is the location(s) of the wedding ceremony and the reception. You must allow yourself plenty of time in your planning to secure the best vendors. Most venues are booked up to eighteen months in advance of the date depending on the demand. Fortunately for you, Orlando has oodles and oodles of venues, so many oodles it will surely boil your noodles. You should have no issue finding the right one for your dream wedding, just make sure you are thorough, or your wedding will definitely be a nightmare! Here are some tips to help ease your noggin in the search for a location.

You will want to settle on a style for your wedding as it will help determine what you will need out of your venue. Make sure when choosing the location of your venue that it will correlate well with the reception location. The transition from an old ornate church to a country diner would be incredibly awkward, but of course, we exaggerate, no one would plan a wedding like that. Once you are settled on the style, gather recommendations from your loved ones and friends, and search through online wedding directories or Google. You should focus on venues that book weddings at their primary method of gathering capital. There's no explicit rule, for better or worse, against booking a venue that does not primarily service weddings, but there is a rule somewhere that states that going with an inexperienced venue will be much more of a hassle in regards to coordinating everything. Our tip is if you are going with a nontraditional venue, make sure the site coordinator or supervisor is competent and cooperative.

You definitely need to have a rough estimate of how many guests you will be inviting as this will help narrow your search. Most venues provide plenty of information on themselves on the internet, and maximum capacity should be one of them. During your search, pay careful attention to the pictures displayed on the venue's website or directory page. These businesses often select the pictures that best highlight the venue's strengths, and most venues look strongest during the warmer seasons like summer or spring. In other words, if you are having a winter wedding, the venue may look beautiful in all those pictures you saw on the internet or on your first visit, but it may end up looking like hot garbage on the big day. This is why you need to make an appointment with the site coordinators, and visit every venue that is on your candidacy list. Become acquainted with the site coordinator of each venue. You will want to get this person's contact information, and make certain that this will be the only one you will be dealing with from the day you book it to the day of your wedding. They should be courteous and diplomatic, and not to mention, ORGANIZED! Don't forget we can recommend Detroit MI Wedding Venue Options

Go over rental logistics, some venues offer in-house rentals for furniture and other supplies, they usually describe themselves as full-service. Go over vendor logistics, some venues require you to use only their preferred vendors. Some vendors do not get along, but mainly this is a smart way to conduct business. Go over setup time and organizational requirements. Once you go over those logistics, cover the cost. Ask each site coordinator for a sample invoice for every single thing you will be charged for. You will want to compare and contrast locations. It is wise to have a refundable check if you see a venue early on in your search that really pops out to you. You can write the coordinator a $100-200 check so it is not easy to bump you from the date you have reserved. Once you've made your choice, draw a contract up with the coordinator, and place a deposit. If you've done your research and due diligence, don't worry, you should have your dream wedding at the perfect venue!

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