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Everybody loves a great movie. And we know one movie that you will want to watch over and over again: your wedding. However, take it from us, you want to make sure that a true professional videographer is the one that does the shooting of your wedding and since you live in the Orlando area, you are in luck because you have some great professionals to choose from. However, if you don't go through the effort of making sure that you have a true professional, you will not have any guarantee that you will end up with a movie that you will even want to break out ever again. So, in order to greatly increase your chances of having a hit on your hands, ask any potential videographer the insightful questions below and once you hear their answers, you will know what to do and who to hire.

Determine what video style you like the best. Some videographers specialize in cinematic style which means that your wedding will be recorded in more of an artistic movie style. In this style, you will need a professional who knows how to apply feature film techniques. If you prefer a more traditional technique that displays what occurs at your wedding from start to finish, then you will want to be on the lookout for someone who shoots in a documentary style. This is an important choice on your part and something you will want to keep in mind throughout the search process. Once you have decided on which style you prefer, make sure that you discuss with each candidate what are essential elements of your wedding that you want shot. For those on the east coast see NYC Wedding Videographer

How many hours will a videographer shoot at your wedding? This varies based on the packages that they offer. You will need to add up how many hours you know you will need and choose accordingly. Become very familiar with all of the packages offered and whether everything you want is included. If there is something missing in one package that interests you, talk to the candidate about it and see what they might be willing to do. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Have a talk about audio. How will the sound of your wedding be recorded? We doubt that you want to wear a lavalier microphone all day long. Fortunately for you, the microphones on a high quality video camera today can pickup sound very clearly. Sometimes a videographer will place a wireless microphone on the officiant during the ceremony in order to make sure that all of the sound from that area is picked up. Ask each candidate what kind of equipment they use. If it is the latest most advanced equipment, they should have no problem getting the highest quality picture possible. You will want to make sure that you are going to be their only client on the day of your wedding. Also, make sure that they have no problem coordinating the day with your photographer. Talk a bit about the editing process after your wedding and how long it will take to get you a finished product. And make sure that the editing is going to be done professionally after the fact on a computer. Once you are satisfied with the answers of one particular videographer and their cost won't break your bank, ask for a written contract and sign up to star in your very own movie.

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