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We have a great way that you can learn a lot of new vocabulary. Go through the process of researching and hiring a wedding invitation professional. In order to converse with an invitation professional, you will need to learn what words like letterpress, thermography, matte, engraved, and more mean. We can promise you one thing, this journey will be an education. And with so many new concepts and so much on the line for you, it will be great to have a professional right by your side to help you create an amazing wedding invitation. The Orlando area has numerous such professionals for you to consider. You will want to be armed with these questions when you consider anyone to join you in this endeavor.

There are many questions that you will want to pose to any invitation designer that you consider for your invitation needs. You will want to know how long they have been in business. Is this something that they do full-time or is it just a side gig? How did they learn how to design? Keep in mind that even if they don't have a graphic design degree or any formal training, this fact should not necessarily preclude them from you hiring them. Talent is talent no matter how it is obtained. Discuss what kind of printing services they employ. Outsourced printing is usually less expensive.

In terms of the actual design of your invitation, ask them if they offer custom designs or just templates. A custom design is usually more expensive. Often, a template design is fine but it just depends on whether your mind is set on having a unique design to you or not. What kind of options do you have in terms of color, paper type, ink, fonts and word limit? Now, here is a word to the wise. We realize that there are a lot of online services that claim they are a one stop shop for your printing needs. With something as important as your wedding invitations, we recommend that you bypass this option. There is a lot less chance for misunderstandings when you meet someone in person and you are able to point things out face to face.

When discussing price, find out if you will receive a discount if you order all of your design and printing needs from them. If you want to add any specialized graphic or image, how much does that affect the cost? Will they present a proof of the design to you before it is printed? What is their refund and cancellation policy? Find out how long it will take to receive your order. If you have multiple pieces to your invitation, we recommend that you have your professional assemble them, don't be tempted to take on this task yourself. And when it comes to addressing the envelopes, ask how much you would be charged to have a professional calligrapher do them by hand. Once you have all of this information under your belt, sit down and compare each professional that you interviewed side by side and figure out which one works best for you. You will probably have to put down a deposit to reserve their services and you will want to make sure everything is in writing. Now, let's get those invitations out and tell the world about your special day.

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