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So, you are going through your wedding checklist and you are fairly pleased with your progress so far. Photographer, check, venue, check, caterer, check, and florist, check. Do you have officiant on your list? An officiant is a professional that often gets overlooked even though it is one of the most important elements of a person's wedding day. It is your officiant that will be out in front facing all of your family and friends as they lead you through your wedding vows and the various elements of your ceremony. So, in essence, they will set the tone and keep everything running smoothly or so it is hoped. Just make sure that is the case. And the way to do that is to take your search for an officiant very seriously. Here is a guide of things you will want to find out from anyone you consider.

Is experience important in the person that you consider. We cannot say yes strongly enough. Your ceremony could be a real disaster if you hire someone who has never performed or rarely performed a wedding. There is much more to a wedding ceremony than saying I do. There is quite a bit of give and take, back and forth that goes on and in the hands of a seasoned professional, all of these elements will flow to perfection. In the hands of an inexperienced person, things could go downhill really fast and you will be a really unhappy person very quickly.

If you have set ideas about what you want to hear and say during the ceremony, now is the time to bring them up. If you are having a religious ceremony, are there specific scriptures that you would like read? Does the officiant require certain elements to be there no matter what? Is this acceptable with you? What will they be wearing? Do you want them to wear their normal vestments? What if you want to write your own vows? Do they need to be approved by your officiant? What about the order of events? Some officiants may be very strict in terms of what is done when. Find this out now and either you can come to a meeting of the minds or it is time to cross them off of the potential list.

You will want to discuss your venue with your potential officiant. If your ceremony and reception will take place at the same location and it is not a house of worship, find out if they are willing to perform your ceremony in a setting like that. Some officiants will demand that you attend counseling with them before they agree to perform your wedding. If you heart is set on a specific officiant, you may have to agree to this. Talk to each candidate about what would happen if they can't make it to your wedding for some reason. From the candidates that you interviewed, make a choice based on the best criteria that means the most to you. You really can't do anything more than this. And again, remember, they are a large part of your ceremony and you want everything to be as beautiful as it possibly can be. Now, take a deep breath and enjoy every second of your ceremony. If you need help in Colorado be sure to see Denver Wedding Officiants

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